Director: Christy Garland

Producers: Christy Garland & Liisa Juntunen

Editors: Graeme Ring & Thor Ochsner

Writer: Christy Garland

Cinematographer: Sari Aaltonen

Composer:Tom Third

Sound: Alan Geldart


Christy Garland

Born in 1968 in Canada, director Christy’s award-winning documentary The Bastard Sings the Sweetest Song (Canada/Denmark) garnered rave reviews: “unclassifiable...echoing the work of Bresson and the Dardennes”; Film Threat -“the most poignant true story ever told”,  National Post “heart shattering” and Now Magazine called it  “cinematic gold.”Cheer Up (Finland/Canada)is her third feature documentary about teenagers on the worst cheerleading team in Finland, and premieres in 2016.   Before moving to documentary, she directed several award-winning dramatic and comedy shorts, while working in the film industry as an assistant director.  She is currently shooting What Walaa Wants, in the West Bank, with Danish producers Final Cut for Real.

Liisa  Juntunen

Producer Liisa  Juntunen  is  an  award-winning  producer  based  in  Helsinki  and the founder  of  production  company  napafilms  (2009).  Napafilms  has  produced short  fiction  films  and  award  winning  documentaries in  all  forms;  feature, short,  web  series  and  also  Finland’s  first  interactive  documentary  about animal production called From Pen to  Plate (by Marika Väisänen). Liisa  has participated  in  several  international  workshops  to build  up  professional network  and  the  latest  of  them  is  currently  running 2016  edition  of  the famous  European  producer’s  training  workshop  called  EAVE.  Her  latest produced  feature  documentary  films  are Cheer  Up  (by  Christy  Garland) premiere  in  Hot  Docs  2016, War  and  Peace  of  Mind  (by  Ari  Matikainen) theatrical  premiere  in  Finland  in  2016, Russian  Libertine  (2012,  by  Ari Matikainen). Liisa is currently co-producing several international productions with countries such as Korea, Norway, Russia.